Saturday, February 10, 2018

15mm Post Apocalyptic Road Outlaws

Painted up these 10 Post Apoc gangers from Khurasan Miniatures. They are some great characterful miniatures for the scale, and Im glad to finally be able to put them on the games table. ( Especially as they had been sitting in a box since I started painting them 6 years ago..  )

I am planning to use them as Raiders for games of This is not a Test in the near future. That does mean I need a bit more numbers and variety to choose my gang from.
Luckily, I have more raiders on the workdesk almost ready for paint ;)

Friday, January 26, 2018

15mm Pocketmunda terrain

So I started 2018 by getting all my 15mm miniatures and projects. Over the past 4 years I have had the privilege of running a games club, so most of my hobby work has been centered on building terrain and miniatures for commercial 28mm games. Now that I have more time for personal projects, the 15mm collection started calling for me from the back of the cupboard, and I have started painting up miniatures and building new terrain in anticipation of all the gaming joy that 2018 will bring :)

This post is covering the first steps of making terrainelements for an industriel, multilevel skirmish sci-fi table. 

The term "Pocketmunda" comes to mind as GWs Necromunda is the archtype for this type of terrain setup, though I can easily think of many other rulesets that would play well here. But I've been refering to it as the "Pocketmunda table" so far, and now the name has stuck. So thats what I am calling it. 

Most of the buildings are assembled from Mantic Games modular terrain kits, along with elements from various Pegasus Hobbies kits.
Special agent Jonzen inspects the construction work.

Initial layout after the first session. The containers are from Dust tactics I believe. I decided to make some copies to fill out the table.

Below are more pictures and a piece of video, taken after three days of glueing buildings together.



Monday, January 15, 2018

Resurrecting the blog.

So, almost 4 years since last update.. Yikes!

I think I started using Facebook and Instagram more for posting pictures of my work at some point, and between family and work just lost track of maintaing the blog. And its a shame, because while those are both great platforms for sharing images and quick updates, I have realised going into 2018 how much more I get out of my hobby if I record my thoughts along the way.

My ambition now for 2018 is to post something on here at least once a week.
Finished projects, random desktop shots, tutorials, battlereports, rules reviews, and whatever else I feel like doing. Given that its been so long since the last update, there should at be projects enough to dig back into for starters. ( Not that theres ever a lack of new projects on my desk.. )

I will be writing here purely for my own enjoyment, to keep a diary of my thoughts on the hobby and projects Im working on. And hopefully as a sideeffect, some of it may prove to be interesting and helpful to fellow hobbyists as well ;)


In other news, I have been playing Shadespire and painting  warbands. Or rather, I have played 3 or 4 games of it, and painted one warband, plus two more that are half completed. So its a start.

My impression is that GW has made a great game ideal for short game sessions ( you can easily fit in a game in half an hour) and the models are some of the best ones they put out in 2017 in my opinion. I look forward to playing more games of it and getting the remaining warbands finished up.

Above: Random pictures from one of the games we have played. Those Stormcasts are tough to kill! But I had great fun trying :)

Ironskull´s Boyz:

Some of the best Orc figures I have seen in years. And great fun to paint, which is why these are the first Shadespire models I finishen.
Now I just have to get a game in with them and see how they play.

Some notes on the painting ( and in the future I will start taking WIP pictures for you, but for now I will just list what I did)

From a reddish brown undercoat I drybrushed on Boltgun Metal.
Then I drybrushed and stippled the cloth and leather parts with some lighter orange tones, and then stippled a lighter metal tone on the metal parts.
Paint in the skin with an olive green. Paint orkish freehand with an offwhite. Wash everything with 2-3 different tones of diluted washes of oranges, purples and blues. Add highlights to the various parts and paint the bases. And thats pretty much how they were painted (I dont actually paint in a linear progression like that, but you could certainly achieve something similar with those ponts as a guide ;) )

Friday, June 20, 2014

Blood Bowl Chaos Team

Here´s a thing I have been working on the past couple of weeks, a Chaos team done on commission for a private client.
The brief was to take colour cues from the movie "Legend", red-ish skin on the beastmen, shiny black horns, grimy armour for the chaos warriors.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

GoB 15mm Orc army

So a group of us from around Denmark have taken to building armies for Foundry´s God of Battles system in 15mm "scale".

I have decided to do an orc army, and the miniatures for the project have recently started arriving.
Primary sources are the Demonworld range from Ral Partha Europe, Blood Dawn miniatures from Magister Militum and the orcs range from Splintered Light Minis.

Here is some of the lead, starting to shape the basis of the army:

 And here are the first painted unit of goblin pests ( archers), along with an orc hero:

Uncle Space Marine joins in to help illustrate the scale:

Stay tuned for more :)

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